2015 See Me Beautiful Conference for Parents and Educators

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Friday,  November 6, 2015

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Creating Inclusive Classroom Communities

Featuring Dr. Jennifer Katz

Building inclusive learning communities requires students to experience school as a place where they belong, are valued, and contribute. The Three-Block Model of Universal Design for Learning is an effective approach to classroom management, planning, instruction, and assessment that creates a compassionate learning community K-12. Developed by Dr. Katz, The Three-Block Model of UDL has been implemented in elementary and high schools internationally. Research shows implementing the model results in increases in student engagement, achievement, critical thinking, self-concept, respect for diversity, and prosocial behavior for all students, including students with disabilities, students who are culturally and linguistically diverse, and students of Aboriginal descent. Teaching through the Three-Block Model also increases teacher self-efficacy and job satisfaction, and decreases workload and stress. Service delivery is framed around an RTI pedagogy. This workshop will address the questions “What is UDL and why should we do it?”, “How will UDL help my child/students?”, and “How do I get started?”

About Dr. Jennifer Katz

Dr. Katz received her PhD in 2008 from the University of British Columbia in inclusive education. She is the author of “Teaching to Diversity: The Three Block Model of Universal Design for Learning,” and “Resource Teachers: A Changing Role in the Three-Block Model of UDL.” Dr. Katz taught in diverse classrooms from K-12 in Winnipeg and Vancouver for 16 years, including both special education classrooms and inclusive classrooms, in addition to working as a resource teacher, guidance counsellor, and consultant. Her work as an advocate of inclusive education has spanned several provinces and territories, and multiple audiences, including university courses, academic conferences, parent advocacy groups, educational conferences, and school and division based professional development workshops. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba, and the founder of the Manitoba Alliance for Universal Design for Learning (MAUDeL).

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