Edmonton 2015!


Ask anyone who has attended a Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference about their experience, and they will explode with comments like: “It was so amazing!” “I met so many people there, and we still keep in touch!” “I learned so much!” “OMG, the banquet was such a blast!” “You’ve got to go! I can’t describe it!”

The CDSS National Conference moves location from year to year. In 2002, Winnipeg was fortunate to host our first conference. ”From the Heart” was one of the largest, most fun and most profitable conferences ever! In 2013 the Canadian Down Syndrome Society brought the conference back to Winnipeg. A few dedicated MDSS members worked very hard and successfully created another terrific experience for anyone who attended. Many of our members were able to attend amazing sessions and social events that might not have otherwise be accessible to them. The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society, through the generous donations of our supporters, was able to provide part of the funding for this conference, and also to offset the registration costs for our members who attended.

The 2014 the CDSS conference was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Again, as per our policy, MDSS was able to offset the cost of the conference registrations for our members who were able to attend. Unfortunately, distance and cost made this conference less accessible for many of our members. Those who were able to attend assured us that it did not disappoint!

NOW is the time to start thinking about attending the 2015 CDSS conference in Edmonton! It is fairly cost effective to get to there, and is a great, family-friendly destination! You might want to take the whole family…there is a child care option, and often youth and sibling programs as well. Or, you might think this is a great opportunity to get away without the kids! Whatever you decide, keep in mind that MDSS members can apply for reimbursement of up to 2 conference registrations at the Early Bird Registration cost.

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