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Are you in need of a passport for your loved one?

Click here for the Accessibility section of the Passport Canada website.

Which passport application form should be used for an adult with an intellectual disability?

  • for a first time application the adult general form should be used
  • for renewal applications – the shorter, simplified form can be used as long as the existing passport is still valid or has been expired for less than 1 year

Does the passport need a signature?

  • If the adult applicant is not able to sign for themselves, the signature box should be left blank.  A letter from a doctor to explain why the person is not able to sign for themselves is recommended.  If applying in person, then then the person assisting the individual can verbally explain to the passport agent why they can’t sign for themselves.
  • Hand over hand  should not be used to assist an individual in signing a passport because the signature will not be able to be replicated.  Leave the signature blank as instructed above.
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